RAPIDOO HUB on Notiziario Motoristico magazine: “A glance to the future of car workshops”

RAPIDOO Hub on Notiziaro Motoristico Magazine

RAPIDOO HUB on Notiziario Motoristico magazine: “A glance to the future of car workshops”

RAPIDOO HUB is the new platform for automotive professional advices and training. Thanks to its multidisciplinary approach, it is possibile to identify specific car repairers needs, find the right growth plan and monitor the progress.

A special editorial article on RAPIDOO HUB has been pushed on Notiziario Motoristico, a automotive aftermarket magazine distributed in Italy.

“With RAPIDOO HUB you can ask for professional advices on specific issues and topics…”

1 access, 10 consulting areas, more than 20 consultants: this is how RAPIDOO HUB works

It is easy and intuitive to use the services, so that many automotive repairers already take advantages of the HUB:

  • FOLLOWING A PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS in which one of the RAPIDOO consultant highlight the needs of the company,
  • THE REPAIRER can book a meeting with one of the professional consultant

What kind of consulting is it possible to ask for?

Services available

Currently, a multiservice workshop can get supported on different topics:

  • FINANCE and accountancy
  • HUMAN Resources and talents management
  • TECHNICAL trainings
  • ONE-TO-ONE technical support on RAPIDOO Services


  • MARKETING and Communication

and much more…

A “analysis” of your workshop

RAPIDOO HUB starts the analysis by checking “symptoms” and needs of the workshop. Together, the consultant and the repairer finds the most strategic solutions to grow the activity.

RAPIDOO HUB on Notiziario Motoristico

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