RAPIDOO Booking Digital Agenda

The digital agenda for mechanics


Discover the digital agenda for the car repairer designed to better organise appointments and distribute the workload in the workshop.

Optimised Workloads - Icon

Optimised Workloads

through a better distribution of activities
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Communication Made Easer

with automatic reminders
A Single Flow From The Booking - Icon

A Single Flow From The Booking

to the invoice
Booking - Manage your appointments - Rapidoo
Rapidoo Booking - Digital Agenda
Rapidoo app

RAPIDOO Booking - Digital Agenda

Customer satisfaction starts by organising workloads

RAPIDOO Booking optimises appointments and sends reminders to your customers The app can be used from your smartphones, tablet and PC. You can use it to easily log your appointments. Enter the vehicle details, assign the work to the operator and send a reminder to the owner.

All the features of RAPIDOO Booking Digital Agenda can be integrated with RAPIDOO Check, the reception service, and the Run management system, where you can find vehicle data and customer data.
Rapidoo Booking Digital Agenda - Manage your bookings

Better Manage Your Reservations

Why Choose RAPIDOO Booking

A Single Flow

From the appointment to acceptance, up to invoicing. A single flow that connects the app and the RAPIDOO Run management system.

Workload Management

Assign appointments and jobs according to the department and the individual repairer. This way you can monitor times and organise the next jobs in the best possible way.

Custom View

User-friendly graphics and access to appointments according to the user profile. Display the daily, weekly or monthly calendar.

Communication With Customers

Remind your customers of upcoming appointments and let them know when the car is ready to be picked up.

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Choose RAPIDOO Booking

The app that allows you to easily manage the vehicle acceptance phase by involving the customer in the evaluation of the repairs to be carried out.

Monthly payment €13.00 vat excluded For 12 months


Number Plate Service

With the License Plate Service you can identify: make, model, engine code, registration date, kilowatts, displacement, overhaul deadline, and more.


RAPIDOO Number Plate Service

Purchase a customisable package of numberplate credits to immediately identify your car's data.

The digital agenda tailored around the workshop

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