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RAPIDOO General Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of sale

Servizi automotive Rapidoo - Consulenza, soluzioni, formazione e prodotti
1 - General Terms and Conditions
1.1 These General Conditions, unilaterally prepared by Rapidoo S.r.l., hereinafter referred to as “Rapidoo”, with registered office in Latina, via Monte Bianco snc, tax code and VAT no. 02460150598, govern the relationship between Rapidoo, on the one hand, and the Customer on the other hand, i.e. the natural person or legal entity that concludes the contract within the framework of its commercial, industrial, craft or professional activity. 1.2 Subject to the provisions of the law, the general terms and conditions concerning the contracts or relationships named, as well as any special terms and conditions agreed upon directly between the parties, these terms and conditions shall have general application and shall apply to all relationships referred to in Section 2 below.
2 - Object of the contract
2.1 Rapidoo grants the Customer, against payment of a fee by the latter, the right to non-exclusive and non-transferable use of its services offered both on the web, i.e. provided through the website www.rapidoo.it, and through other tools, aimed at searching for information from the database, the use and consultation of which is permitted only for the purposes and within the limits set out in this contract. 2.2 The characteristics and modalities of the services that are the subject of the contract are described on the website www.rapidoo.it. 2.3 By signing or accepting the contract, the customer declares under his own responsibility that the data obtained from the service(s) provided by Rapidoo shall only be used for professional purposes in connection with the business/industrial sector performed by him or indicated in the corporate purpose of his firm or company. 2.4 The Customer may only use the trade mark “Rapidoo” with Rapidoo’s approval and for the duration of the purchased service(s), respecting its colours, lay-out and anything else that makes it unique.
3 - Entry into force of the agreement
3.1 The Supply Agreement shall be deemed concluded when it is signed by the Customer and accepted by Rapidoo. 3.2 Acceptance shall take place automatically, 15 days after signature/accession, without Rapidoo having communicated its intentions to the contrary. Communication of the user and password shall take place by printing the contract and by e-mail communication.
4 - Service features
4.1 Rapidoo shall take action to rectify any application errors reported by the Customer. 4.2 Rapidoo warrants that the information from the database is in its full possession, and that the information and the Service are in conformity with the indications in any related technical documentation. 4.3 Rapidoo shall, at its sole discretion, take care of the development of the Service(s) and the data incorporated therein. Rapidoo therefore reserves the right to update the service(s) and/or the information integrated therein and/or the structures of the archives, the methods of query and/or presentation of the results, the graphical interfaces, as well as to make changes, at any time, at its own discretion and without notice if it sees fit. 4.4 If the Customer has the option to query the system by entering the registration number of the vehicle for which information is to be obtained, this service shall be provided up to the maximum number of queries set out in the commercial terms and conditions in force at the time the contract is signed, as described on the www.rapidoo.it website and in the authorisation letter sent by e-mail. In any case, Rapidoo shall not be liable if the query remains unanswered. It is understood that unanswered queries shall not be counted.
5 - Obligations and Responsibilities of the Customer
5.1 The Customer shall be entitled to use the service(s) and the information integrated therein, described on the website www.rapidoo.it within the strict limits and for the sole purposes set forth in the contract, and undertakes to avoid and prevent its unauthorised reproduction and/or use. In particular, and without prejudice to any other obligation stipulated in this contract or arising from the law, the customer is obliged to – Refrain from using the service(s) for purposes other than those expressly permitted by the contract; – Refrain from any activity of extraction and re-use, permanent or temporary transfer to another medium and making available to the public by means of distribution of copies, rental and/or transmission, carried out in any form and by any means, of the whole or a substantial part of the information content integrated in the service, unless expressly permitted by law or by Rapidoo in writing – Keep secret the user name and password required to use the service, preventing them from being used improperly or unduly, and remain liable for any use thereof; – Adopt all organisational or contractual measures and implement any other necessary or useful precautions to ensure the full confidentiality of the service and information from the database and the protection of Rapidoo’s rights; – Bring to the attention of the relevant personnel the obligations provided for in this contract and necessary for the protection of Rapidoo’s rights – Promptly report to Rapidoo any situations that may prejudice the conditions of security and secrecy, in order to be able to take all possible actions, also of a preventive nature, that may eliminate or limit the actual or potential risk. 5.2 It is hereby acknowledged that the confidentiality obligations provided for in this Article shall remain effective even if the contract is terminated for any reason whatsoever. 5.3 The Customer authorises Rapidoo to use the data entered by the Customer into the application and stored on the Provider’s hardware in an anonymous form and for statistical purposes. 5.4 The Customer shall be liable to pay the Fee in accordance with Article 6 below. 5.5 The Customer shall be responsible for the truthfulness of the information provided and acknowledges Rapidoo’s right to obtain any further information for the purposes of the performance of the contract, in accordance with the applicable law. 5.6 The Customer shall notify Rapidoo in writing of any change in its identification data and, in particular, of its residence and/or domicile and/or registered office and/or other location for billing purposes, where applicable, giving its consent to the relevant processing, in accordance with and within the limits of the information received when signing the contract. All communications sent by Rapidoo to the last address made known by the Customer shall be deemed to be known by the Customer. 5.7 The Customer undertakes, in the event of termination of the business relationship, to remove the “Rapidoo” trade mark, if any, from its commercial paper, invoices, catalogues, advertisements, signs, packaging and all other physical and non-physical media.
6 - Fee and method of payment
6.1 The Customer is obliged to pay the fee stipulated for the use of the service(s) forming the subject matter of the agreement, in accordance with the tariffs and modalities specified therein and in force at the time of its conclusion. 6.2 Failure to pay a single due date shall result in the suspension of the services and in the entire amount becoming due. 6.3 Payment of the fee for the services/products shall be made even in the event of non-use. 6.4 The customer shall be able to view the invoices at www.rapidoo.it in his reserved area. 6.5 The company reserves the right to accept after assessing the terms of payment of the service(s) purchased. 6.6 The service(s) has been purchased for the total number of months included in the contract, therefore the payment for use is in advance, with the possibility of instalment, which may be envisaged and is subject to acceptance by the company. 6.7 In the case of the purchase of training days, the relative participation fee will not be reimbursed, even in the case of non-attendance at the training days. Moreover, attendance cannot be made up on other dates.
7 - Duration of contract
7.1 The duration of the service(s) – expressed in months – shall be indicated in the service(s) prior to signature. 7.2 In the absence of a specific indication, the contract for the sale of the service(s) shall have a duration of one year. 7.3 The duration of the service(s) may not be terminated before its expiry. 7.4 The service(s) shall not be automatically renewed.
8 - Express resolutive clause
Failure on the part of the Customer to fulfil any of the obligations provided for in Articles 5 and 6 shall constitute grounds for the legal termination of the contract, pursuant to Article 1456 of the Civil Code, and shall entail the immediate collection of the sums due and payable.
9 - Conciliation clause and place of jurisdiction
All parties to this agreement agree that any and all disputes arising out of or in connection with this agreement shall be settled by the Court of Latina. It is understood that before taking legal or arbitration action, the parties agree that the resolution of disputes concerning the agreement and its execution shall be referred to the Chamber of Commerce of Latina and resolved in accordance with the Conciliation Rules adopted by it.