Datamotiv Solution

252.00 Vat excluded
for 1 year

Datamotiv Solution is RAPIDOO’s solution for entering the world of Datamotiv services. Easily access the service, immediately search and verify fault codes and technical problems found on vehicles. Browse the manufacturers’ library of solved cases.

Datamotiv Solution is the manufacturer’s solution to failures, always at your fingertips.

WEB-BASED ACCESS! Quick and easy consultation with direct access from web-based platform.

Available with 12-month subscription. Datamotiv Solution guarantees access to the data available in the platform.

Enter code, brand and find the answers now!

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Datamotiv Solution

Datamotiv Solution

252.00 Vat excluded
for 1 year


Datamotiv Solution

From Case to Solution

See practical examples and all available documentation.

Further support is provided by the well-known Teknicar RAPIDOO manuals related to the most popular automotive systems.

RAPIDOO Datamotiv Solution:
from case to solution through measurement!


With Datamotiv Solution you can:


Troubleshooting and Solutions:

Access the case history starting with the manufacturer, analyzing the symptoms and behaviors of the most frequent failures, leveraging the know-how of the solutions in our case history.

Consult Fault Codes:

Decoding the fault code directly from the manufacturer's libraries verticalized to the analyzed systems. Get the unique and certain translation of the meaning of the DTC fault code.

Consult Teknicar Rapidoo Manuals

accompanied by text and pictures related to the systems under consideration with their relative correct operation: electrical connection, location, part number and any malfunctions.

Learn electrical measurement procedures

to quickly receive measurement methods of popular electronic components and related reference data supported by characteristic oscillograms.

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