Connect + 10 Linkar

1,810.00 Vat excluded

RAPIDOO Connect is the platform that can connect vehicles and people. Install the Rapidoo Linkar device on customers’ cars and communicate with them through the APP.

RAPIDOO Connect Remote Connection + n. 10 Linkar devices:

  • Speed control
  • Starter block (advanced installation)
  • 3-axis acceleration sensor
  • Anti-lifting feature
  • Safety perimeter
  • Travel log
  • information on the condition of the vehicle
  • Vehicle battery voltage monitoring
  • Disconnection alarm
  • Crash alarm
  • Android / Apple app

CE/RED, MARK, EAC, RoH, Reach, IPrating, Imai Certification, Device Operating Temperature Statement

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Connect + 10 Linkar

Connect + 10 Linkar

1,810.00 Vat excluded


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